Staying hydrated helps you feel happier and healthier, but many people drink poor quality water or not enough water, which prevents them from leading the lifestyle they desire. At Pure Element Water, we deliver locally sourced, naturally filtered water straight from the Ogallala Aquifer to your door so you can stay hydrated, happy and healthy.








The Source

Pure Element is one of the purest, most naturally protected, best-tasting, and oldest sources of fresh water on the planet. Our water is extracted from the Ogallala Aquifer, 700 feet below the earth’s surface.

This aquifer stretches all the way from South Dakota to West Texas, providing fresh water to much of the United States’ breadbasket. It’s estimated to hold approximately 976 cubic miles of water (more water than Lake Huron and Lake Erie combined). The aquifer was formed by ancient river systems flowing southeast from the Rocky Mountains, which deposited layers of silt, sand, gravel and clay over the region. These nearly impenetrable layers of caliche and clay protect Pure Element's water by acting as a natural filter for the small amount of surface water that percolates to the aquifer.

The end result is some of the purest naturally occurring water you’ll find anywhere. Because of this natural filtration system, it’s not necessary to process Pure Element or add anything to it, and the naturally occurring minerals in Pure Element make it one of the best-tasting bottled waters available.

Pure Element meets or exceeds all FDA, EPA, and IBWA standards for drinking water. Most other bottled water brands use chlorine to remove bacteria from their water, but Pure Element protects the unique and refreshing taste of the water by using Ozone. Getting rid of bacteria is of course necessary and beneficial, and chlorine can do the job, but it leaves a noticeable aftertaste that would spoil the great taste of Pure Element. Ozone, while just as effective as chlorine at removing bacteria from the water, leaves no taste and has the added benefit of dissipating completely.

All that you get is clean, natural, non-chlorinated water the way nature gave it to you!