The Pursuit of Health & Happiness

Starts with Hydration

You Deserve Great Water

Staying hydrated helps you feel happier and healthier. However, many people aren’t drinking enough water or are drinking poor quality water, which prevents them from leading the lifestyle they desire.

Pure Element believes you deserve access to quality, great-tasting water that supports your health goals. We deliver pure, locally sourced, naturally filtered water straight from the aquifer to your door so you can stay hydrated, happy and healthy.

For nearly 15 years, Pure Element has locally sourced water from our region’s greatest natural resource — the Ogallala Aquifer — and shared it with West Texas communities. Because of the aquifer’s natural filtration system, there’s no need to process or add chemicals to our water. What you get is clean, non-chlorinated water just the way nature made it.

Our Pure Hydration Plan

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We extract water locally from the aquifer, filter it, then package it in 100% BPA-free bottles.

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You choose from a variety of home and office delivery plans.

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We deliver the water directly to your door.

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You stay hydrated with delicious, natural, locally sourced water.

At Pure Element, we believe living a healthy, active lifestyle should be simple. We know you’re busy, but we also know you want to feel your best. That’s why we provide the purest, best-tasting, highest quality water so you can reach peak performance at your workplace and in your workouts.